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Started up as a side project and became the main deal very soon. If you haven’t tried it yet i certainly recommend that you do it soon. You can also ask me questions if you like.

You can find more information about it on their webpage or Wikipedia.


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June 23, 2010 at 12:10 pm

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Sorry for the absence but i have been too busy lately.

I was a media officer trainee in Beşiktaş-CSKA Moscow match which went great. Thanks to UEFA. I will now wait for the assignment in UEFA Europa League Last 32.

Getting prepared for 23 December when we announce the logo to our public.

Sweden-Norway bid seems to be over. I am not delighted or anything. It is a shame for both governments not to support such a great tournament. I will write an article on that very soon.

In my littlest free time i try to watch these shows: Ezel, Flashforward and play FIFA 2010 online.

I decided to write my know how on website creation based on content.

The worst program of Turkish TV scene lately is Sosyal Alem. Terrible really. It is based on social media and the presenter has no idea about it.

The Damned United is such a great book. David Pearce is brilliant. Cloughie on the other hand is a genius but the greates pain in the ass.

Trying to get to build some blocks for TFF employees. Will see what will happen about that.

Will write more frequently. Promise.

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December 12, 2009 at 8:06 pm

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Golden Age

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Today as i was watching The Crucible i thought of the modern times. It was based on Arthur Miller’s play in 1950s. The events took place in Salem in 1692.

100 years ago women were never considered as the paramount figure of our communities. Their duty was to give birth to kids and raise them properly in line with religious books mostly.

Today women are very active in our society and i am very happy about this. The change in 100 years is amazing. It happened in a good way. (Surely there are places in the world where women are considered as second class citizens and sometimes withches.)

Look at the technology and the speed things are changing. The pace of techbology is 100 times faster than 100 years probably.

Healthcare on the other hand. Millions were dying of a plague several centuries ago. Now the population is skyrocketing. Not a good thing always but life expectancy is raising every year.

Human rights have become really important in the last century. Laws are adapted to the needs of modern times in many countries.

Crime is high and human nature is still trying to cope with the burdens of life.

Wars are not over and probably won’t ever be.

However i believe that with such change in the last century it is fair to call these times as a golden age. You never know whether you are at your prime as you follow better options all the time. I believe it is the same for humanity. Greeks never knew it was their golden age until it ended.

We will probably feel the same when hit by an unexpected catastrophy. Then we will say “Do you remember those times? ” I wonder when will this come and whether i will see it or not.

Note: In Civilization game series Golden Age of a civilization lasts for 20 turns, around 100 years. Sid Meier is an expert in those things.

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October 17, 2009 at 5:33 pm

Back on track

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“I am now back on track after a tough week involving house moving, preparations for a meeting and ordinary office duties.

This week i will be writing the last two parts of “moving your house in Istanbul” series.

I have found Lost Symbol somewhere online so hopefully i will be reading that as well.”

I started writing this draft on Monday and now it is Thursday. Sorry to keep all of you waiting but  i am officially back now.

By the way i still do not have any internet at home. It is simply crazy.

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October 1, 2009 at 12:20 pm

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Notes from Monaco

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– UEFA Super Cup is a cool event. The teams are good. But something is missing. The players do not take it that seriously. UEFA has to look and find that missing thing.

– Stade Louis is terrible. In such a rich city that stadium is a disgrace. The pitch was not good as well. It affected Barcelona’s play.

– I watched the match with CNN’s European sports correspondent Pedro Pinto. He is a nice guy with a vast knowledge on Turkish football. When we got bored we talked on Turkish football, Emre Belözoğlu, Hakan Şükür, Arda and Nihat.

– The draw ceremonies were brilliant. The stage was amazing. Pedro hosted the Champions League draw with a girl called Melanie. She looked beautiful and tall on stage but afterwards she left the exhibition center with jeans, a  tshirt and a cap. Not that attractive.

– Joan Laporta is brimming with confidence. He is always cheerful. He was the star of all the events. He pays close attention to Lionel Messi all the time. As if someone is going to steal him.

– Edwin van der Sar who is very tall is married to a woman of average height, around 1,60. Vitor Baia is trying to be a football executive. Paolo Maldini who will certainly be a UEFA President one day was smiling all the time. Luis Figo may have a slight problem with English.

– Emilio Butragueno shared his drive with us back to the hotel. The girl driving the car has not noticed who he is as she was pretty young. That created a funny moment. However Butragueno is really modest. He will soon be coming to İstanbul again.

-France Football Federation President walked all the way between la Meridien and Grimaldi Forum despite his age. He never asked for a car. And he was in the back seat of the bus that took us to stadium in the evening.

-Michel Platini was friendly to everybody. He had fun. He gets bored easily in receptions and ceremonies.

– Monaco is a city composed of cars and girls(looking for rich guys). However the architecture and sea is great.

– The weather was really hot when we got there. Le Meridien’s lack of internet was the other major issue.

– The referee Frank de Bleeckere was terrible. Shakthar deserved to win at some point.

– I tweeted all the events during the 3 days which was really satisfying. I used an N97 all the time. The battery life of that phone is an issue. You can follow me on Twitter.

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September 1, 2009 at 9:55 am

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What’s going on lately?

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– Weather is pretty hot… It certainly kills the enthusiasm to work, write etc.

– I had a week of holiday however my tooth did not let me enjoy it.

– I know the rooming capacities of Turkey by now, as i got it sorted out in preparations to Euro 2016 bid.

– I need to write some info sheets however can’t focus.

– Transformers 2 was really good. I enjoyed it, wifey didn’t:)

– Starting to hate friendfeed because of overrated individuals and their entourage.

– PES Online on PC is cool but lag still an issue.

– I think i am having some kind of summer depression however i am not sure whether such a thing exists.

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June 25, 2009 at 2:02 pm

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Portecho in Kirli Sepeti

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Portecho in Kirli Sepeti

Portecho in Kirli Sepeti

Kirli Sepeti – the program i do on with Hasan Yalçın – had Portecho as guests in 11. episode. Deniz and Tan are really cool guys who do what they love and brilliant at their job.

We had our fun and it will be online on Friday.

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April 15, 2009 at 7:58 pm

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