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I was born in İzmir in the year 1981. Lived in İzmir until end of high school(which is Avni Akyol Özel Lisesi).

While doing so went to Denmark for a year with AFS and learned Danish.

Studied Comperative Literature in İstanbul Bilgi University with full scholarship.

I was an intern in İletişim Publishing House in 2003 and later that year i started working for them as part time editor. This continued for 1,5 years. The books i contributed as editor and copyreader include Moll Flanders, Where Angels Fear to Thread, Kandinsky and Me, All the Shah’s Men, Histoire de Byzance, Il Deserto dei Tartai.

On September 2004 i started working for Turkish Football Association. The purpose of my appointment was the need for an editor for federations official magazine TamSaha. However the first match against Denmark in Copenhagen turned my luck. I translated for National Team Coach Ersun Yanal and was the announcer in the stadium for Turkish supporters. After that i travelled with national to all matches and became the press officer of the federation.

After hard 3,5 years i felt a change was necessary. Health issues also played a major role on that. I accepted the offer coming from Nickname A/S in Denmark which is a merchandising company. I was the country manager for 6 months.

Then i came back to the football federation as UEFA Cup nearing in the horizon. Since August 2008 i work as LOC Media Domain Leader for UEFA Cup Final 2009 to be played in Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium. (Done, successfuly)

At the same time i do my degree in e-Mba programme of İstanbul Bilgi University. (On Hold for a year)

I also do a web tv show on It is called Kirli Sepeti and i do it weekly with Hasan Yalçın.

I continue writing articles on TamSaha magazine. I try to read as much as possible as well. I spend time on brainstorming about new web projects. (Found some brilliant ones, looking for capital:))

I am more than happily married to Sema Nayman Uğur  and have a crazy cat at home. (Cat ran away)

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Written by ilkerugur

April 25, 2009 at 1:18 pm

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