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Sorry for the absence but i have been too busy lately.

I was a media officer trainee in Beşiktaş-CSKA Moscow match which went great. Thanks to UEFA. I will now wait for the assignment in UEFA Europa League Last 32.

Getting prepared for 23 December when we announce the logo to our public.

Sweden-Norway bid seems to be over. I am not delighted or anything. It is a shame for both governments not to support such a great tournament. I will write an article on that very soon.

In my littlest free time i try to watch these shows: Ezel, Flashforward and play FIFA 2010 online.

I decided to write my know how on website creation based on content.

The worst program of Turkish TV scene lately is Sosyal Alem. Terrible really. It is based on social media and the presenter has no idea about it.

The Damned United is such a great book. David Pearce is brilliant. Cloughie on the other hand is a genius but the greates pain in the ass.

Trying to get to build some blocks for TFF employees. Will see what will happen about that.

Will write more frequently. Promise.


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December 12, 2009 at 8:06 pm

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