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Publishing & Retail together in Monocle Shop

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Monocle Shop in London

Monocle Shop in London

“Running a shop also acts as a consulate for our readers(we’ve somehow become a beacon in the heart of London for restaurant tips, hotel reservations and even career advice) has been a rewarding exercise as it allows us to give the print element of our media brand the shelf space we feel it deserves…

…the top requests are for a garment bag and “a bag that can deal with my diary, Blackberry, mobile, housekeys, pack of gum and business cards” …

…Indeed the best part of having a shop floor is that you get instant feedback on all aspects of your brand…

…At 9 sqm its rather difficult to have private or particularly heated discussions.”

Tyler Brule – Editor in Chief – Monocle 


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April 18, 2009 at 4:33 pm

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