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Golden Age

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Today as i was watching The Crucible i thought of the modern times. It was based on Arthur Miller’s play in 1950s. The events took place in Salem in 1692.

100 years ago women were never considered as the paramount figure of our communities. Their duty was to give birth to kids and raise them properly in line with religious books mostly.

Today women are very active in our society and i am very happy about this. The change in 100 years is amazing. It happened in a good way. (Surely there are places in the world where women are considered as second class citizens and sometimes withches.)

Look at the technology and the speed things are changing. The pace of techbology is 100 times faster than 100 years probably.

Healthcare on the other hand. Millions were dying of a plague several centuries ago. Now the population is skyrocketing. Not a good thing always but life expectancy is raising every year.

Human rights have become really important in the last century. Laws are adapted to the needs of modern times in many countries.

Crime is high and human nature is still trying to cope with the burdens of life.

Wars are not over and probably won’t ever be.

However i believe that with such change in the last century it is fair to call these times as a golden age. You never know whether you are at your prime as you follow better options all the time. I believe it is the same for humanity. Greeks never knew it was their golden age until it ended.

We will probably feel the same when hit by an unexpected catastrophy. Then we will say “Do you remember those times? ” I wonder when will this come and whether i will see it or not.

Note: In Civilization game series Golden Age of a civilization lasts for 20 turns, around 100 years. Sid Meier is an expert in those things.


Written by ilkerugur

October 17, 2009 at 5:33 pm

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