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Swimming in Iceland

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All of you probably heard about Finnish baths where you swim in ice cold water, run and jump into sauna or a hot tub.

The same practice is also a part of living in Iceland. Monocle had a great coverage of economic crisis in Iceland last year. 2 months ago they went to Iceland one more time to see how people are coping with crisis. And the answer is swimming.

Swimming in icy water during a very cold winters day, then running for 200 meters and jump into 38 degrees hot water.

This is the way of surviving, way of feeling that you are still alive in Iceland. I would love to practice that sometime too and maybe I will go and pay a visit to Iceland next winter to do so.

It will also be nice to see my friends in Iceland FA as well 🙂 Maybe they will be joining me.

The pictures you see are from a public beach of Rejkjavik. It is called Ylströndin Nautholsvik.


Written by ilkerugur

June 29, 2010 at 6:43 am