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17 days to go

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In 17 days, these hours i will know about whether Turkey won the bid for UEFA Euro 2016 or not.

As you may know Turkey is bidding along with France and Italy and i have been spending most of my time including the weekends on this grand project.

Here is my feelings

on the bid, some insight from a bid team participant:

-We worked a lot. I believe no other bid was covered that extensively before by the media. The bid book was great. The logo, design, websites were really good and i am really satisfied with the job done.

-I met with many new people. The bid got support from many others. It was a great experience. Preparing a bid book feels like no other. The deadlines are very tight and the ideas you want to put in those are endless.

-The “moment” is what i am looking forward to. I have been dreaming about it for some time now. But do not know how i will feel. Very happy, very sad? I have no idea. I need to cool down about this but how can i cool down when i worked so hard for it for almost a year now.

-Last year these days i was trying to perfectionize the media operations of last UEFA Cup Final ever. Now i am trying to perfectionize our final presentation and making the arrangements for the “day”.

-We Turkish people are too emotional sometimes. And my sign “cancer” does not help at all. But believe me it will be a great achievement for Turkey if we get this. The third biggest sports event of the world on Turkish soil. Simply brilliant.

-My enthusiasm is now shared by millions. I believe UEFA Executives will take this into consideration as well.

-If we win, I will feel sorry for my counterparts in France and Italy. I know they have worked as much as we do. But i am not sure whether they will be feeling the same way or not.

-Do not evaluate Turkish bid over Ukraine and Poland’s bid. They are totally different in all aspects. Turkey is not Ukraine. We have organised 2 great finals in this country and all the needs of UEFA were answered in due time.

-I see 2016 from now. Mr. Platini is staying and golfing in Antalya with his family. With his private helicopter he flies between cities and watches all the matches of the competition without any problems.

Anyway i already wrote a lot. Before writing any secrets or some tips to my French and Italian colleagues i stop now:).

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May 11, 2010 at 2:28 pm

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I-Suite Hotel – Rimini – Italy

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These are some photos of the i-Suite Hotel opened in Rimini, Italy.

It looks simply fantastic.

And this picture is from a room.

Here is the comments of the interior architect of the hotel.

Description of the i-SUITE Hotel Interior by Simone Micheli

The i-SUITE interior architectural plan lies its foundations in the concept of modern luxury I developed after a thorough and targeted thinking. During the “XXX Congreso Colombiano de Arquitectura” ( 30th Colombian Architecture Convention) which took place in Barranquilla (Colombia) in 2007 I asserted: “ …the new luxury does not mean immobility or habit, but rather freedom and movement. It is a light and a stirring thought, at any moment we are able to choose where and how to live and to reinvent the environment we live in.

As for architecture the new luxury is related to the idea of regaining the beauties and the truth of our daily life together with our inner feelings. It is more connected with vacuums than with plenums, more with mind than with body. It does not mean opulence but rather transparency. I am talking about possible places where yours and our histories are echoing in the shape of visual, olfactory, tactile and auditory essence. I am telling you a story which has its roots in the past and in the tastes of exotic places but at the same time it is near and next future oriented. This future I am referring to is not made up of mimesis, emulation but rather it reprensents the truth and the oneness which envelope and protect us in order to live instead of just surviving in a restless and alienating reality. I am talking about non-places, natural habitats where the deepest and the most genuine personality of each person emerges and where anyone can establish a symbiotic relationship with himself and with the nature which created us.

Source: Contemporist

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December 12, 2009 at 8:21 pm

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