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Moving Your House in Istanbul – Movers

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Final part of moving my house series came at last.

There is no perfect movers in moving business.

I moved my house 2 times in Istanbul. One with 21movers and second one with Çolakoğlu Nakliyat. The difference between two firms were minimal. However 21movers is far more expensive. They offered me 1100TL and i did the job done for 600TL.

1- If you want it done quickly, pack your stuff beforehand. Especially books.

2- Don’t expect politeness from the movers. As each firm gets movers from the suburbs of the city. Some of them do not even speak Turkish.

3- Decide on what you keep and what you move. This way you will get rid of all the garbage.

4- Decide on the places of all furniture in the new house. Keep close eye on movers while they are moving as they can become careless.

5- Never pay upfront.

6- Keep your distance with the movers. Change the keys of the new apartment after you move.

7- Even though you got your house moved there will be tons of stuff need taken care of in your new house. You will be to tired that day. You need at least a day to recover.


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October 25, 2009 at 4:04 pm

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