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Moleskine Art by Datafobik

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This will be some kind of an ad however the efforts spent in it deserves a special applause. Therefore i would like to share these cool Moleskine notebooks with you.

The covers are created by Datafobik, whom i know of from MYK Medya. She is very talented, check out Yahoyt Magazine for instance. She contributes to that as well. Now she is sharing her talent with everybody with a small price to pay.

What Datafobik does is this; You submit your picture to her and she draws a portrait of you on a Moleskine notebook and sends it to you. It is a great birthday present for someone you know. It also is a great collectible item. I will try to trick her into doing series of design for collectible purposes.

Anyway here on this page. You can find out all her designs. Some of them are brilliant. Such as Street Fighter paintings. I love creative stuff and Datafobik’s works are standing out…


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September 3, 2009 at 6:23 am

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