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Is Spinner for real or a character addition to Lost?

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Anthony Spinner claims that he wrote Lost in 1977. He has some evidence for that as well. He shows the resemblances between Lost and his series which was also called Lost in this .pdf file. Spinner’s claim was also in place in 2005 as well, when the series were just started. Here is the news from a web site back then.

Now the lawsuit is popular once again.

We know one thing and it is there is too few left to be invented in TV business. This idea could surely come to someones mind before and stolen as well. But the deal with Lost is not that easy. Here is Anthony Spinner’s biography. He is in business since 1948, born in 1930, almost 80 years old. Not doing anything since 1996. He worked on some low profile TV series and enjoying his retirement. He seems to me either someone running after his property on one hand but a huge retirement bonus on the other. Latter is more possible. This is not a cleverly written murder story, it is Lost and i feel like it is an original story with great references to history.

If Spinner was the writer of such a scale than he should have done much popular jobs in TV industry. However there is one more possibility.

Lets come to the conspiracy theory behind this lawsuit. This can be a huge promotional campaign organized by J.J. Abrahams. Anthony Spinner can be a new addition to the characters in Lost and he can join the ones in 1977. He would listen to the story from Hugo and rewrite it. Then Lost will be connected really strongly to the real world and everyone would be talking about it.

Some of you may remember that Hugo Reyes would like to write Star Wars himself before Lucas as he likes.



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