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How can you love a murderer?

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Serhat Aslan is a murderer. He killed Burak Şengöçen 5 years ago in a cafe in İstanbul.

Then he ran away. Nobody had a clue where he was until this week. A TV news programme found him in London.

He is pretty happy with his life. He has no job, drives a fancy car, gets the money probably from his father who is a lawyer in İstanbul.

The murder you may ask. Burak was together with a girl named Nurdan and her ex came to the cafe with Serhat the murderer. A fight broke out and Serdar killed Burak by stabbing a knife.

This is a terrible story to read. What is more terrible is that is there is a girl that is probably in love with Serhat so that they got engaged in new years eve last year. What will her reaction be now? Does she know that her fiancee is a murderer? If yes tell me how can you love a murderer?


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July 5, 2009 at 8:28 pm

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