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Michael Jackson tops the sales lists

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I am really sad about the death of Michael Jackson. He has been one of the biggest pop icons ever and he will be missed in time. Even though he has been dealing many other things apart from the music in the last 10 years his fans have been bound to him. His rare concerts were sold out and he continued entertaining people despite his days full of problems.

After Jackson’s death his album sales hit skyrockets. The first 15 spots of sales ranks in music is vacated by Jackson’s albums. You can click on the link to see for yourselves.

The concerts and documentary DVDs on him also sell a lot today. Top 5 of the DVD sales is now DVDs on Michael Jackson.

We can expect much more DVDs, documentaries and albums to come in the upcoming weeks. Michael Jackson was a profitable pop star now there is much more money to make money from his death.

By the way the first album i bought in my life was Dangerous by Michael Jackson.


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June 26, 2009 at 10:43 am

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