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Where is MacGyver?

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MacGyver has been one of my favourite TV Shows ever.

Richard Dean Anderson who was born in 1950 became a celebrity with the series that told us the story of Angus MacGyver who can create the most complicated devices out of nothing and against use of guns.

The series ended in 1992, there were two films done for TV in 1994 and MacGyver is his history. It still has many fan pages and people remember it profoundly like series such as Visitors.

I believe that MacGyver deservesr a re-production and modernisation. However it is tough to revive such a clever show.

Richard Dean Anderson now 59 years old was also the producer of Stargate series took some roles in the Stargate Universe also took part in Saturday Night Live as MacGyver.

Here is a scene from the series.

He is a member of Handgun Contron Inc. He has a daughter. When he was 17 he rode from Minnesota to Alaska by bike. Participated in a Simpsons show. Patty and Selma are fans of MacGyver.


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June 10, 2009 at 2:25 pm

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