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Some behind the scenes info from UEFA Cup Final 2009…

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The Cat

As the cat entered the scene i was not really aware of it however i saw it afterwards. She is not the only one in the stadium. There are many cats living in the stadium and one of them got bored of the others. It was a great scene for all the viewers.

The Fight

There was a fight between Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray fans in some point. Where the stewards took away the fighting parties. What would have happened if Galatasaray played the final i really don’t know.


A miracle happened and ISDN’s started to work 20 minutes prior to kick off. Turkish Telecom tried to fix them for 12 hours and miracle happened in the last 20 mins. Amazing stuff.


More than 1000 media were present in the final. A new media tribune was built together with new commentary positions.

VIP Party

Burcu Esmersoy was the presenter of the VIP party and looking good in red. The theme was the Ottoman nights and it was a cool setup with orange lights.

UEFA Cup Final Official Ball

I have one at my expense thanks to my domain counterpart. It is a great piece of memory.

Deal or No Deal

Me and Selim Şakarcan participated in Deal or No Deal show of Turkey for promotion. It helped by some means.


The picture of Galatasaray in the stadium is taken back to UEFA Headquarters. Nobody got one for themselves.


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