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1 Week To Go

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In 7 days the UEFA Cup Final will be played and this huge task will hopefully be a good memory in my mind. 

However the last few days are passing very slowly. I am stressed and anxiously waiting for the final.

Here are some news from the LOC office:

-Some officials from UEFA and TEAM arrived in the beginning of the week. The offices and stadium became very crowded. A construction goes on in every corner. 

-Brandings started to be put in place and stadium started to look fantastic. They build up the suspense of the crowd living around as well.

-Ticket sales continue. From this adress you can get yourself up to 4 tickets for this memorable event.

-As this is the last UEFA Cup Final everybody is doing their best for the best final possible.

-Media events of the finalists were announced yesterday. You can check for update. 

-Colleagues from TEAM prefer to eat pizza from Pizza Hut and ice cream from Ben&Jerries.

-Galatasaray shall cry as it was so easy for them to come here. But they just gave up everything so stupidly. If it were them that will be playing the final the athmosphere would have been totally different.


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May 13, 2009 at 5:37 am

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