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10 Great Things About Angels&Demons Movie

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Spoiler Alert

1- The Vatican City: I have been there once and it’s very impressive. I believe everybody shall go and see it once in a lifetime. You can see how Vatican put together wealth and religion together. By the way film wasn’t shot in Vatican City. A replica set was built. It looked amazing.

2- Vittoria Vetra: Perfect casting for the role. I wish the story in the book fit with her story in the movie. But no. She is the one that created the antimatter particles with her lab partner/step father in the book. Her name is Ayelet Zurer by the way and she is from Israel. She looks young however she is 40 years old.

3-Antimatter Experiment: That was really good. How antimatter was produced in CERN was a interesting to watch. 

4- Vatican Library: Just like i imagined when i read the book. The book is really descriptive and it is both an advantage and disadvantage for the movie. Advantage as it has all the tiny details for creating the perfect set, Disadvantage as readers know it all.

5-  The Path of Illumination: It is told in the best way way possible. Simple and clear. Now this path will be full of tourists and new tours will be up for grabs as Rome’s popularity peaks. I am planning a new trip to Rome in autumn for a revisit after 10 years. 

6- Cars: Lancia Delta. The cars that Swiss Guards are using in the movie. They looked great. Especially the car scenes are really well shot. They raise the tension of the movie while travelling on the Path of Illumination.

7-Soundtrack: Hans Zimmer did great once again. An epic soundtrack that fit the movie really well. Violin solos are done by Joshua Bell.

8- Ewan Mc Gregor: Another perfect casting for the role of Camerlengo. He is simply brilliant. I missed him since Star Wars.  He did some documentaries for Discovery in between two epic roles. 

9- The Blast: The explosion of anti matter is fantastic. What a shot. The effects are great so are the colours and scenery after the explosion. Eve you hate this movieyou will love the explosion scene. Guaranteed.

10- Illuminati Ambigrams: Even though they are means of evil but still looking cool. Some people already having tattoos of those ambigrams. How nice isn’t it?


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