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Why Barcelona-Man Utd Final is not good for Istanbul?

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Last weeks semi final between Chelsea and Barcelona created a huge buzz around the world.

Many football enthusiasts supported Barcelona during that game and even my neighbour was shouting after the last minute goal of Andres Iniesta. I was not really that happy about it. Not because i am not in favour of Barcelona against Chelsea but this years final tie is not exceptionally good for promotion of Istanbul and Turkey.

As many of you know Istanbul is hosting UEFA Cup Final as Rome hosts UEFA Champions League. These are the biggest football events of the year as there is no Euro nor a World Cup. UCL Final is always the highlight of club competition but Istanbul has been trying hard to steal this glamour from Rome this year.

The finalists Bremen and Shakhtar are not really helping for the promotion but i believe it will be a very amusing final. Rome is lucky with Barcelona and Manchester United but infrastructural problems are hitting them. I believe if Chelsea beat Barca last week Istanbul and UEFA Cup Final had the chance to surpass the UCL final maybe first time in history.

As you remember last year Chelsea and Manchester United were the finalists in Moscow and if they did it once again in Rome that would have degraded the fan appeal to the final. Unluckily Iniesta scored 90+3 goal and UEFA Cup’s hope for becoming the highligt in its last season ended.   

By the way Turkey and Italy are competing for hosting of Euro 2016  and this rivalry between Rome and Istanbul as potential football capitals of Euro 2016 is also interesting to watch.


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May 11, 2009 at 6:14 am

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