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Sims 3 can sell 4 million units in 2009

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The new game of popular franchise The Sims is coming in less than a month. 

Analysts claim that the game can sell over 4 million copies in 2009. EA’s most popular game will be enhanced with online modes this time and it will allow social networking as well. Sims 2 sold 3,5 million copies in 2004 the year it was launched. Sims franchise sold over 100 million copies in total and by far the most successful PC game ever.

The game will have several cool add ons. Create a Movie mode will help you put the camera wherever you like and shoot a movie for fun.

The add-ons to the game will be available in an online store that will be created for the game. That will lessen the packaging cost on the EA for sure.

The game will have extended AI and you will not be dealing with all the aspects this time. Bladder issues will not take all your time. (That was why i quit the game in 2004)

The game will not be limited to your house only. You can go and travel in the city and control your sim at work as well.


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May 5, 2009 at 6:49 am

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