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Pizza in Turkey

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Cheeseburger Pizza Yummy

Cheeseburger Pizza Yummy

As i can not eat pizza anymore due to health issues, i can only give some factual info about it. These information are from CNBCE Business Magazine.   

The Market

The first pizza restaurant in Turkey is opened by Pizza Hut in 1989. Those days were the days when pizza was considered as a food for rich people. However now it costs 5-6 TL’s per person and it is pretty cheap. 

It is believed that there are 8 million people eating pizza per year and the market is estimated about 250 million dollars. The pizza market generates more than 40 billion dollars worldwide.

Pizza Consumption 

Italians consume 5 kgs of pizza per year. French consume 10 kg, Americans 15. Turkish people eat not even 1 kgs of pizza per year. 75% of the population still does not prefer eating from outside, probably due to economic reasons.


The cheapest pizza you can get in Turkey is in Pizza Pizza. 6,5 TL. Here is a memory. I was the first consumer of Pizza Pizza in Alsancak İzmir in 1995. The owner of the brand sold us that pizza. Now they are  one of the major players. Almost all of the brands do promotions in order to sell more. One free and all you can eat is available in all restaurants.


The biggest market is Istanbul. Most selling branches are the ones in Mecidiyeköy, Etiler, Levent, Bakırköy, Taksim, Kadıköy, Acıbadem, Kozyatağı and Ataşehir. Pizza Pizza has the most restaurants. They opened 210 restaurants in 14 years. Dominos have 106 branches. The newest player is Papa John’s and they have 2 branches. 


-Most selling nights are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

-Football matches play a major role in sales.

-In winter the time of most orders are 19.00-20.00


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