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Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson

Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson

As we all know Iceland is in big trouble. The country went bankrupt in the end of last year due to global crisis and trying to recover from there. 

A non-profit group is organised by Gudjon Mar Gudjonsson, who is an entrepreneur, is now trying to find out solutions for Iceland’s economic recovery. They meet every Saturday to discuss new ideas. 

The main idea is channeling the human potential of Iceland into entrepreneurship. The president of Iceland is backing the organisation and who knows the ministry can be official very soon. 

A ministry dealing with projects of immense size is also necessary for Turkey. Especially in regards to huge scale organizations. This can be formed independent of the government and rate the governments projects. It can even be a webpage online like Twitter. But strict moderation is a must as usual.

The source of this entry is Monocle Magazine.


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April 16, 2009 at 7:33 am

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