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We’ve started so we’ll finish

We’ve started so we’ll finish…

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Magnus Magnusson

We’ve started so we will finish…Magnus Magnusson

People from Britain know this phrase pretty well i suppose. It is the catch phrase of Magnus Magnusson who presented BBC trivia show Mastermind.

I read it Richard Bransons latest book Business Stripped Bare.

This phrase is an everyday sentence from Turkish business life. When started they will finish but the final job may well be poor/not high quality/etc. However this approach is very hard for foreigners doing business in Turkey. 

Probably the best thing about Turkey is people are not blaming fate for every mistake. It is true that everybody keeps saying İnşallah but not with the belief of people from the Gulf.

Here is some info on Magnus Magnusson; I quote it from Wikipedia:

“Magnús Magnússon KBE (IPA: [ˈmaknus ˈmaknuˌsɔn], 12 October 1929 – 7 January 2007) was an Icelandic television presenter, journalist, translator and writer. He was born in Iceland but lived in Scotland for nearly all of his life, although he never took British citizenship. He came to fame as presenter of the BBC television quiz programme Mastermind, which he hosted for 25 years.”


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April 15, 2009 at 6:06 pm

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