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Lost Battles I- VHD

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Here is a serie of articles i would like to start today.

Again inspired by Richard Bransons perfect book Business Stripped Bare.


Branson faced some dilemmas while doing business in music industry. The worst was the emergence of CD’s. As always CD had fierce rivalry when founded. It was founded by Phillips company. However Japanese giants JVC  announced VHD  in 1978. Virgin and many other companies questioned the technologies and had huge difficulty selecting the one over other.

If you were wrong, the investment could have taken down your company.

JVC lost the battle in music. However tried to win it on kareoke and 3D movies on tv. They probably made some money on it but lost the battle to CD’s. I wonder how much Phillips made out of invention of the CD’s. Probably the first production licenses worth a fortune.

By the way 80’s were the days of VHS and BetaMax. They were storming the home market, but eventually they lost. 

I am wondering what would have happened if we are using these 25 cms discs today.


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April 15, 2009 at 6:42 pm

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